Everything is awesome!


I’ve just finished another great session of writing (i.e.: a highly productive one) and I’m about to reward myself with lunch. This is the scheme I’ve been following, basically, for the past five years: wake up, concentrate, begin writing, hope for the best, finish writing and then one of two options:

1) “celebrate” a good writing session with a tasty meal or;

2) somberly eat my consolation lunch after a bad session before going to the bed so I can cry a little and reflect about what went wrong, how I can improve the text and what the best course of action is for the next pages.

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Where do y’all folks come from?


I confess I’m pleasantly surprised by the number of people who visit my website —mostly casually or by accident—, even though everyone around here knows I make no effort in promoting it.

Maybe it’s because my name —Diogo Cysne— has a nice ring to it, being therefore easier to type and search, even if just randomly, on Google.

Of course, the numbers are nothing to brag about: something around 1,200 visitors in a period of two and a half years (or around 3-4 wanderers per day) and a total of 11 followers accrued in the same period.

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