Adventures from freelanceland



Hello, my beautiful people! How are you all doing?

Have you ever had those moments when you feel so powerful, so overflowing with confidence, that you can’t help yourself and wan to get out of the house and scream for all the world to hear you?

Well, this is the feeling I’m experiencing right now —minus the screaming, which I convert into writing!

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Where do y’all folks come from?


I confess I’m pleasantly surprised by the number of people who visit my website —mostly casually or by accident—, even though everyone around here knows I make no effort in promoting it.

Maybe it’s because my name —Diogo Cysne— has a nice ring to it, being therefore easier to type and search, even if just randomly, on Google.

Of course, the numbers are nothing to brag about: something around 1,200 visitors in a period of two and a half years (or around 3-4 wanderers per day) and a total of 11 followers accrued in the same period.

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