The End of Brazil!! (You’ve been warned here first!) [Vlog #1]

My birth country Brazil seems headed to absolute disaster. Political insanity, social chaos and institutional bankruptcy all come together to make it the most economically vulnerable nation in the entire world —at least among countries of similar size.

Do NOT underestimate Brazil’s capacity for global destruction in the future. Much like France is now burning and might bring the whole of Europe down with it, Brazil might be the France of Latin America —but on a much larger, more destructive scale.

Join me on this video, where I explain my reasons for believing in all of this.

So, I’m experimenting with ways of delivering my quick, non-essential messages to you and I figured out this vlog format could be a nice compromise between the full length of a text and the quick speed of delivery.

This is not an in-depth economic or political analysis of any sort and you shouldn’t take it as an expert’s advice. However, I do wholeheartedly believe on everything I said on this video and, if given enough time, I would be able to properly base my opinion on solid facts and hard data.

This video is also a little bit “rambly”, so here is a nice summary guide of the major topics I cover on it:

[0:00] – Me awkwardly trying to get the hang of making a vlog! ;P

[0:52] – The origins of this vlog

[3:36] – Living in the greatest country of Latin America

[5:14] – The wealthy Latam (and bipolar Argentina)

[7:53] – Get the f*ck out of Brazil (and come to the Mercosul block)!

[10:02] – Protect your investments. Leave Brazil!

[11:22] – Brazil going the way of Syria

[12:18] – The incoming global economic crisis (and America will be responsible for it)

[15:24] – The most vulnerable nation in the world

[17:41] – The institutionalized kleptocracy of Brazil (and the virtues of the left)

[18:37] – Brazil’s sad, sad, pathetic economy

[22:04] – The fantastic bankruptcy of Brazil (makes Argentina look good!)

[22:46] – The suicide of a nation (and the sorry state of Brazilian politics)

[25:18] – How quickly a country falls

[27:08] – Desperate economic measures (personal finances: buy dollar! Buy gold!!)

[29:08] – Brazil is going to be the center of the world

[29:23] – Conclusion / Wrapping up

I hope you all enjoy the video. Cheers!

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