Adventures from freelanceland



Hello, my beautiful people! How are you all doing?

Have you ever had those moments when you feel so powerful, so overflowing with confidence, that you can’t help yourself and wan to get out of the house and scream for all the world to hear you?

Well, this is the feeling I’m experiencing right now —minus the screaming, which I convert into writing!


It is actually writing that got me into this state of pure bliss and joyful accomplishment —and not just today, in this very moment, but at least in two occasions every single day, for the past two weeks or so.

You have no idea how excited and hyperactive I’m feeling right now. Right now, I recall those famous (and so memeful) lines from Arnold Schwazenegger in the documentary “Pumping Iron”:



Yeah. I’m freaking coming right now. And it’s awesome!


As I mentioned, it was writing that got me here: I’ve just finished writing some of the closing chapters of one of my books and I’m super excited!

I seem to have finally “evolved” to a next stage of writing, one which I understand exactly what I need to do and how to write the story exactly as it must be written. I’m successfully getting “in the zone” every single time and the results are pretty fascinating: consistent production at the highest quality I’ve ever achieved (for a draft stage of each book, at least).


I’m working on two fiction books right now: one that I plan to publish in 3-4 years, another that will be released only (maybe) 10 years from now.

It’s arduous work, but one which is now finally being rewarded. My previously stiff, dry, shallow style is gaining depth; my artistic reflexes are being sharpened and my sensibilities becoming very nuanced and elegant and harmonic.

It’s something very inspiring and very uplifting. Any writer dreams with being on a state of constant flow and, for the past four months, that’s exactly where I have been.

Things will go back to being difficult eventually, of course —the mountain is never-ending, one peak leading up to higher summit—, but the good thing, the great thing!, is that the next challenges will be new and exciting ones, pushing me towards greater and ever more ecstatic states of bliss.


And don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. A few posts ago, I promised that I would go back to posting on this site and… I kinda LIED!

Well, not really. I was just really unprepared for the future and my freelancing career did not give me much rest. I’ve had some 15 new clients on Upwork in these past four months, which is crazy messy if you think about it: every new client is a new method, a new line of work, a new universe of demands and duties and a ton of juggling of my part to make all the little parts in my schedule fit.

It was intense, but I finally got enough financial safety so I can dial back a bit and focus on my other ventures —to mention: my literature (obviously), my stock footage career and a special little something I’m preparing for you and the world.

The latter is a secret, though. I hope you like it when it comes about. 😉


By the way, this website will be fully converted to English in the next week or two. I still need to tighten up my schedule, but my own businesses will finally come back to the forefront for the next few months and, hopefully, years.

Things, however, still have their dangerous deal of uncertainty —especially domestically, in my home country. You all must know right now that Brazil is a hellhole of political insanity and societal collapse, and I kinda need to go back there (I currently live in Chile) and put my finances in order.


Much like Venezuela a few years ago (but with rightwing colors), Brazil is in a very great danger of falling into financial ruin, which is enough to fire up a bunch of red flags on both me and anyone who holds most of their assets in reais (the country’s currency).

Let’s see what the next few months bring us. In the meantime, I wish you all cutsies a great weekend, awesome books & movies, and outstanding enterprises filled with prosperity, happiness, kindness, sweetness and all the goodness there is in the world.


Many hugs and kisses. Yours faithfully,

~ Diogo Cysne.


P.S.: this post has been written hastily and has been reviewed very few times. Please, take the quality of its writing with a kilo of salt. Better revisions might come in the future. Cheers!

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