Everything is awesome!


I’ve just finished another great session of writing (i.e.: a highly productive one) and I’m about to reward myself with lunch. This is the scheme I’ve been following, basically, for the past five years: wake up, concentrate, begin writing, hope for the best, finish writing and then one of two options:

1) “celebrate” a good writing session with a tasty meal or;

2) somberly eat my consolation lunch after a bad session before going to the bed so I can cry a little and reflect about what went wrong, how I can improve the text and what the best course of action is for the next pages.

Today, gladly, was another good day; maybe the third in a row, which continues the larger trend of longer, “stable writing” periods punctuated by severe, but constructive “blocks” on the path.

I am very happy right now and I just wanted to share that with all of you. If anyone wants to come to me and discuss anything about writing and literature in general, please, feel free to!

I’m so happy I bet I’ll end up marrying someone today, no kidding! 😀 Sure, there’ll be a divorce a few days later, but still…

It’s awesome. And you’re all also awesome. Everything is awesome.

Fuck yeah. XD XD XD

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