Where do y’all folks come from?


I confess I’m pleasantly surprised by the number of people who visit my website —mostly casually or by accident—, even though everyone around here knows I make no effort in promoting it.

Maybe it’s because my name —Diogo Cysne— has a nice ring to it, being therefore easier to type and search, even if just randomly, on Google.

Of course, the numbers are nothing to brag about: something around 1,200 visitors in a period of two and a half years (or around 3-4 wanderers per day) and a total of 11 followers accrued in the same period.

As I said, nothing special, but pretty honorable for someone who’s basically neglected this website (and digital life as a whole) completely for the entire period.

Well, as I take it, the Internet is a pretty big place, so it must not be difficult to find an audience —even if “just” a very small and accidental one. 🙂

I am very pleased to have you all here and, if possible, I would like to know what brought you to this place and, if that’s the case, how I can help you have a brighter day. 😀

I might start helping you in that with (something of) good news right now: I’m coming back to digital life, baby! Oh, yeah. My freelance works continue to be successful (they pay my bills and keep me alive, so… yeah, I consider that *success* :3 ) and I’m finally approaching the review stage of my books, meaning that a commercial release is on the horizon.

A far, distant horizon, yes, but a horizon nonetheless —one from which it’s great to finally see some shining lights, instead of the previous darkness of the constant, laborious drafting of my books.


Yippee-ki-yay! Now it’s time to finally reconnect with the world and hopefully build an audience, though I admit this task will befall to a partner or agent I hope to find soon.

Nothing is known, my dear followers, but the past has been all too kind to me until now and I’m counting on my newfound perseverance and confidence to finally venture into the waters of the publishing world.

Yikes. Sorry if my writing is getting somewhat florid here and there. It’s been a long time since I don’t “blog”, ya know. 😀


After this long hiatus, I’ll try to post more regularly here and on my Facebook page.

Oh yeah, haven’t I told you? I’ve got a brand new Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Diogo-Cysne-1978226498865252

I’m still figuring out how to use all these resources, so take pity on me and keep your expectations for my social media activity reasonably low. My period of “emergence” will come once my publishing deals start rolling, which might still take another year or two. 😉

For now, I’d just like you to know some very few things: my books are going pretty well, my finances are in order, my country (Chile) remains awesome and, hopefully, soon enough I’m about to become a permanent Chilean resident and, farther still, a published author.

Let’s us pray not just for me, but to all of you as well, my pretty, cutsie darlings, who too need to have an (even more) awesome, spectacular, awesometacular life. 😀

Have y’all a wonderful day, week and year, folks, and hope to see you again very soon. 😉 Cheers!


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